Clinicians for Progressive Care is very happy to endorse the progressive choice for Maryland State Senate District 11, Sheldon H. Laskin. Sheldon is a seasoned attorney and political activist who has been fighting for justice in Maryland for decades, and will be a state senator Baltimore County can finally be proud of. DONATE TO SHELDON LASKIN.

An experienced tax attorney and former Assistant Attorney General, Sheldon has made his reputation defending the vulnerable. He argued employment discrimination cases for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and successfully argued a case before the United States Supreme Court.

As an activist in his community, he has put his legal expertise to use in fighting for human rights for all, testifying before the Baltimore County Council against the 287(g) program, which authorizes federal authorities to deputize local officials in enforcing immigration policy. He was in favor of the Home Act, which would have prohibited discrimination on the part of landlords against tenants who receive federal income assistance.

Sheldon is also an advocate for universal care. Supporting a single payer system, he is knowledgeable about the barriers which must be surmounted in reaching that goal. He is explicit in connecting the problems of our health care system to present-day racism, and believes that taking steps to increase the number of African American health professional trainees (including scholarships) can help redress this moral wrong.

Sheldon is running against Bobby Zirkin, widely known as an opponent to justice reform in Maryland and infamous as the nation’s second leading recipient of campaign funds from the bail bonds industry. Zirkin is #NotWirkin, and Sheldon can bring justice back to Annapolis.