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Baltimore, MD (November 15, 2017) -- Clinicians for Progressive Care announces its endorsement of John W. Duncan for Congress in Texas’ 6th District. John knows first-hand how important access to high-quality, affordable healthcare is to millions of Americans. While working to provide healthcare to Texans living with HIV/AIDS John realized the urgency of concrete steps to ensure good health for everyone. DONATE TO JOHN W. DUNCAN.

Zackary Berger, MD, PhD, the Treasurer of C4PC, says, “John Duncan is an exciting voice for the underserved, with practical, real-world experience in management, healthcare, and law. He is the right candidate to defeat the long-term, Trumpist incumbent Joe Barton, who has spent his time in Congress attempting to limit women’s reproductive health care, scapegoating immigrants, and trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

Besides his advocacy for universal care through single payer, John Duncan supports evidence-backed treatment for substance use disorders rather than the failed system of imprisonment. He believes in the rights of the disabled to live in the community instead of institutions, understands the role of white supremacy in health disparities, and knows that transgender care matters to all of us. We look forward to supporting John to flip TX-6.

Clinicians for Progressive Care (C4PC) believes we can't fight for healthcare without electing candidates who believe in it. Previous endorsements include Dotty Nygard, RN, for Congress in CA-10, Allison Galbraith in MD-01, Matt Heinz in AZ-2, and Bob Solomon in PA-18.

About C4PC: Clinicians for Progressive Care supports candidates, issues, and advocacy which promote equitable, compassionate, evidence-based, and progressive healthcare for every group and individual.

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