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C4PC endorses Mark Hinton for Indiana House District 39. Mark’s experience in hospital management helps him understand what needs to be fixed in our health care system. He recognizes the urgency of changing health care policies in Indiana. From shortages of doctors and nurses in the face of an aging population, to restricted access to care, to the destructive impact of the opioid epidemic on Indiana’s residents, Mark will take practical steps to make needed changes.

Mark was raised in southern Indiana and graduated from Purdue. He was motivated to enter politics by thinking about the future of his 14-year-old daughter.

As a member of Indiana’s House of Representatives, Mark will advance access to care by supporting measures to expand Medicare for all Hoosiers. He has innovative ideas to use public schools as an entry point for children to receive comprehensive health care, and seeks to reduce the administrative burdens on organizations that provide reproductive health care and other health services to women. Mark also sees an opportunity to improve regulation of opioid prescribing through more integrated electronic medical systems. Finally, he recognizes the impact that shortages of doctors, nurses, and other providers will have on the state as a whole, and will work to address them.

Mark knows that unworkable and backward healthcare policies have harmed Hoosiers across the state. He’s the right choice in District 39, a leader that can make things equitable, compassionate, and commonsensical.


The progressive health care visionary for the Indiana House

The progressive health care visionary for the Indiana House

Baltimore, MD; July 17, 2018 - Clinicians for Progressive Care enthusiastically endorses the fantastic first-time candidate and nurse Amie Neiling to represent Indiana State House District 32. A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, she has worked as a licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, and workplace specialist, helping adolescents and adults further their skills in the health care field as they look for employment. As a result, she knows about the economic, social, and healthcare challenges faced by Hoosiers and comes with practical, compassionate ideas to fix them. Already the Democratic nominee, Neiling stands a good chance to help ordinary Hoosiers retake their State House and put Indiana on a path to treat its most vulnerable with kindness.

Neiling believes in a single-payer health care system, starting with Medicaid buy-in to expand what works to those who need care. Hoosiers have painful experience with the imperfections and inequalities of our system. Those with substance use disorder face stigma in getting needed treatment, and physicians must overcome barriers in treating those with chronic pain. Neiling understands that a complicated problem like the effect and use of opiates requires a multifaceted solution.

Neiling also knows that racism affects Hoosiers as they seek good jobs and just healthcare, and realizes that we must provide equitable and accessible education for future health care professionals among African Americans and people of color.

Women are autonomous human beings who deserve equal access to health. Neiling will be unafraid to roll back restrictions on reproductive health care (including abortion) which make life difficult for so many Hoosier women.

Join us in getting Amie Neiling to the Indiana State House!