Baltimore, MD; September 6, 2018 - Clinicians for Progressive Care proudly announces our endorsement of Dr. Kayser Enneking, Democrat for Florida State Senate District 8. Dr. Enneking is a healthcare leader and physician whose vision for universal care speaks to the needs of all Floridians.

Dr. Enneking was born and raised in Gainesville. She left to attend Vanderbilt, returning to complete her M.D. at the University of Florida. She is now a practicing anesthesiologist, inspired to run for office because Tallahassee politicans have represented their donors and lobbyists rather than the interests of Florida families.

Dr. Enneking was frustrated by Florida’s lack of implementation of the ACA and stubborn refusal to expand Medicaid. She will fight to develop a public option that will expand resources to rural areas and communities of color. She wants to require insurance companies to cover substance use and mental health treatment. She will block threats to women’s health, including attacks on Planned Parenthood.

She is a doctor who will fight for Floridians the same way she advocates for her patients, bringing the blue wave to sweep out the anti-health policies of a previous generation. Join C4PC in supporting her!

Clinicians for Progressive Care (C4PC) believes we can't fight for healthcare without electing candidates who believe in it. Previous endorsements in both Congressional and state-level races can be found here.

About C4PC: Clinicians for Progressive Care supports candidates, issues, and advocacy which promote equitable, compassionate, evidence-based, and progressive healthcare for every group and individual.

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