Baltimore, MD; August 2, 2018 - Clinicians for Progressive Care endorses Jon Santiago, MD, for the 9th Suffolk District state representative in Massachusetts. The devastating reality in the 9th District is that people born in one end of this district have a life expectancy 30 years less than those born on the other end. This inequity is an insult to the conscience -- and Jon understands how to move things in the right direction. Meanwhile, his opponent in the primary, a 40-year incumbent, is a conservative who has opposed broad solutions to these problems.

Among Jon’s convictions is the belief that moving to a single payer system is necessary to give everyone access to health care. Nevertheless, Jon realizes that the solutions must go beyond this. We need to empower the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to bring down medication prices. In addition, as in many places across the US, much of the health inequity in Massachusetts has to do with the effects of opiate addiction and overdose. To address this epidemic, Jon will draw on his expertise as an emergency room physician who has treated many patients suffering from substance use disorders. He knows that encouraging medication-assisted treatment for such disorders -- and making it easier for primary care physicians to provide such treatment without irrational regulation lacking a basis in evidence -- can make real headway in treating these patients. Criminalizing and marginalizing those with such problems cannot be the answer.

Further, Jon knows that health is a consequence of decisions society makes about who has inherent worth. He knows that everyone matters - which means everyone deserves a living wage, stable housing, and schools that are structured to best serve our children..

Jon Santiago is an expert physician, knowledgeable in policy, and compassionate where it counts. He is the among the next wave of progressive healthcare leaders whom we are proud to support.

Clinicians for Progressive Care (C4PC) believes we can't fight for healthcare without electing candidates who believe in it. Previous endorsements in both Congressional and state-level races can be found here.

About C4PC: Clinicians for Progressive Care supports candidates, issues, and advocacy which promote equitable, compassionate, evidence-based, and progressive healthcare for every group and individual.

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