Baltimore, MD; May 9, 2018 - Clinicians for Progressive Care is excited to announce our endorsement of Laura Moser for Texas’ Seventh Congressional District. As a journalist and political activist, Laura will fight for progressive values in health care, education, and workers rights, and against the rising tide of racism and bigotry.

Laura was born and raised in Southside Place, TX. She graduated from Amherst College and worked as an editor and national journalist for periodicals including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. After the 2016 election, she founded Daily Action, a text-messaging service that empowers citizens to demand change in Washington.

Laura supports single payer and universal insurance coverage; she will begin by offering a strong public option, lowering eligibility for Medicare to 55 years and expanding eligibility for Medicaid. She wants to decrease burdens of racial inequality by strengthening unions that offer health benefits, job stability and fair wages.

Laura understands that people suffering from substance use disorders need treatment, not moralizing rhetoric. She plans to improve health care for women by increasing access to contraceptives and safe abortions.

While universal care and reproductive health rights are risky stances in some quarters, Laura Moser is not the one to hold back from a fight for progressive beliefs. She is on the side of ordinary Texans and will be their unafraid advocate in Congress.

Clinicians for Progressive Care (C4PC) believes we can't fight for healthcare without electing candidates who believe in it. Previous endorsements in both Congressional and state-level races can be found here.