From 2018 to 2019, 2020, and beyond..... truly progressive care doesn't stop with one election!

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So we’ve taken a breath, had a drink, taken out the recycling, paid our uncle back what we owe him, and sat down to talk to you, our friends and supporters, about what’s next for our small-but-mighty political action committee.

We feel really good. The House has been taken back, progressive district attorneys are set to roll back our carceral system (or at least start, in certain areas), Medicaid expansion has succeeded in a number of states, voting reform scored notable successes — in short, the forces of fascism and racism were dealt a satisfying if nonfatal blow.

What’s more, we endorsed some wonderful candidates. Congratulations again to Beth Liston and Allison Russo, who fought their way to victory despite determined Trumpian gerrymandering by the Ohio GOP. And thank you again to our other endorsees who inspired us. We haven’t heard the last of them.

What are we going to do now? The same thing we’ve done for the past 2 years: identify candidates that support progressive health care.

We’re going to focus on state and local races (state legislatures, gubernatorial races, mayoral races, etc.), recognizing that real change requires working from the ground up. We’re going to keep explicitly endorsing candidates and supporting them as best we can, monetarily, rhetorically and otherwise.

You — our friends and supporters, numbering in the thousands nationwide — have done so much for the cause, for the candidates and our PAC. We know you’re going to fight along with us.

Our bold goal is to identify 50 progressive health candidates, one in each state, by 2020. We’ll start with new endorsees in 2019 for races around the country. That means hearing from you, wherever you are, about the new candidates on the block (or the old ones!) and why they’re good. Please keep us informed.