Disappointed but determined: after #GA06 and #SC05. Still CALL YOUR SENATORS

We are all disappointed about #GA06. But here are some points we are thinking about.

1. #AHCA is A LOT more important. Keep calling your Senators. These are millions of people depending on care.

2. #GA06 and #SC05 were special elections. The Democrats can compete everywhere. And with the margin that Ossoff overcame, we have a good chance in '18.

3. We love Zeynep Tufekci's point -- waves build through social media, but elections are won through infrastructure. Through get-out-the-vote efforts. Through money. Part of our work through C4PC is to encourage activism and advocacy, but ALSO to identify good candidates (Allison Galbraith! Dotty Nygard! Others!) and RAISE MONEY TO HELP THEM.