What To Do list for May 3, 2017 - Stop Blaming the Sick!

What-To-Do List For Doctors Against Trump

Week of May 3, 2017

MDs Against Trump is a special project of Clinicians For Progressive Care.

Support candidates who believe in healthcare!


Top tasks for this week (thanks to itstimetofight.weebly.com for many of these links)

Call your reps and tell them:

  1. #ZombieTrumpCare will die, but we must help it along. Grab your Louisville Slugger, I mean your cellphone, and tell your reps #NoTrumpCare.

  2. The Trump administration and Tom Price must not be allowed to weaken the ACA. They must competently administer the markets, enforce the individual mandate, continue the insurance subsidies, ensure essential health benefits, refrain from instituting work benefit requirements for Medicaid, and remove legal challenges to the ACA. #ACAWorks #The MandateWorks #ACASubsidiesWork #HealthBenefitsAreEssential #SickPeopleCantWork

  3. HR 676 is the Medicare for All proposal in the House. Check if your representative is one of the 108 cosponsors. If they are, thank them! And if they aren’t, ask them to support it. #MedicareForAll  

  4. #PriceMustGo. His newly discovered even-worse insider trading, corruption, opposition to broad based health coverage, and anti-vaccine statements make him unfit to lead a Cabinet-level health agency.

  5. #DontBlameTheSick. Work eligibility requirements for Medicaid are cruel and ineffective, revealing the true face of GOP health policy.

    1. Wisconsin. Email comments to Wisconsin1115CLAWaiver@dhs.wisconsin.gov

    2. Kentucky. Call Gov Bevin at (502) 564-2611

    3. Maine. [public hearings scheduled May 17 in Portland, May 18 Augusta]

  6. Read these thoughts about how healthcare priorities connect to resisting the Trump agenda.


Don’t forget your local reps, local organizing, and your local Individisible groups!

Don’t forget to move your clinical setting towards the principles you believe in!


Put your money where your beliefs in healthcare are! Support Clinicians for Progressive Care today!


  • Consider candidates who believe in healthcare

    • Jon Ossoff is running in the special election for Tom Price’s House seat. More info about the run and how to get involved here.

    • Kim Weaver is running against Steve King.

    • Allison Galbraith is running against Andy Harris.


And as always, stay connected with us and spread the word to other doctors! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


This week’s poem:

Exodus, by Taha Muhammad Ali