Baltimore, MD; October 18, 2017 -- Clinicians for Progressive Care is very pleased to announce its endorsement of Dr. Robert C. Solomon, MD, FACEP, for the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. An emergency medicine physician, Bob is running for office to bring evidence-based compassion to Washington, DC. Zackary Berger, MD, PhD, treasurer of C4PC, says, "Bob Solomon is an expert emergency medicine doc who speaks his mind for the benefit of the sick and vulnerable. Supporting him means implementing the policies and values that we strive for as physicians, clinicians, and Americans."

While Dr. Solomon presents a full range of his policy views on his website, C4PC is particularly taken by his robust vision for healthcare system change. Bob wants Medicare for All; an end to the "war on drugs" and the jail-industrial complex which is state aggression against black men; and real negotiation on the part of the Federal government for affordable pharmaceuticals. 

Bob will be a special guest of C4PC in Washington, DC (site of this year's American College of Emergency Physician's meeting) at Capitol City Brewing Company, on October 30th at 5pm. Please visit the event on Facebook for more details. 

About C4PC: Clinicians for Progressive Care supports candidates, issues, and advocacy which promote equitable, compassionate, evidence-based, and progressive healthcare for every group and individual.

Contact information: Dr. Berger can be reached at: treasurer@cliniciansforprogressivecare.com

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