You strive for progressive healthcare. Shouldn't your elected officials too?

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Support us today! Progressive care is in danger

The mission of Clinicians for Progressive Care is compassionate, effective, universal healthcare in the United States.

we support federal, state, and local candidates who act for progressive healthcare.

In particular, this means:

  • Care which respects all individuals, including and especially those from vulnerable and victimized subgroups
  • Universal, comprehensive access, tailored to the needs of the sick and poor
  • High-quality population and health services research taking into account the priorities of patients and communities

Progressive healthcare demands and goes hand-in-hand with progressive politics in other areas, including but not limited to antiracism (e.g., Black Lives Matter); refugee and immigration policy; the rights of women, minorities, and LGBTQ; and criminal justice reform.

Candidates will be considered for support based on

  • Agreement with the above principles
  • Sponsorship of legislation, and support of existing programs, which furthers them
  • Opposition to legislation which undermines them
  • Suggestions from our supporters

The CFPC board includes Zackary Berger, MD, PhD (Baltimore), Dorothy N. Charles, BA (Philadelphia), Matthew Cortland, JD (Boston), Justin Lowenthal, BSc (Baltimore), Roxana Samimi, MD (Washington, DC), Quinn Snyder, MD (Mesa, AZ), Natalie Spicyn, MD, MHS (Baltimore). Operations Director: Monica Tung, BS (Baltimore, MD). Please contact us to get involved!